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Our Goal

Help home owners through the nuances of designing and building an addition, renovation or new home to lessen their stress and save them time and money. 

Why a Home Renovation Consultant?

We are trade experts who have worked in the custom home building industry for over 50 years.  We have an insider’s knowledge of contract constructs, negotiation strategies, and effective project management.

Every remodeling project starts with a variety of decisions and even small decisions can mean major changes in scope of work and cost.  We can be there at the outset to make practical suggestions from a professional perspective that may help you avoid unnecessary costs.

We can look for vague or confusing language in contracts, review labor costs and compare your estimate to the architectural drawings to make sure everything is accounted for. 

Think of us as a sounding board - an ally whom you can trust for expert information and an unbiased, professional opinion. The nominal fee you pay for our service can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Consulting Services

Each client experience will be customized to fit the where the home owner is in their planning and construction cycle.


Client Liaison - Function as a liaison between client and General Contractor (GC) to ensure the details of the build are carried out to the satisfaction of both the homeowner and Gunther Homes Inc.

Attend meetings with client and GC
as requested.

Review Contractor Bids

  • Make sure the estimate matches the plans/drawings. This can be quite challenging for most homeowners and costly if something is missed.

  • Discuss how/where GC is making money (fees, labor mark-ups, material mark-ups). If fixed price, discuss how Change Orders are handled.

  • Call out any exorbitant mark-ups.

  • Review subs insurance requirements.

  • Schedule consulting (anticipating & avoiding delays)

Exterior & Interior
Design Consulting

Design Services 

  • Floor plan options

  • Concept drawings

  • Detailed architectural drawings 

  • Partner with Tara White Design for interior decoration (furniture selection, paint colors, wall décor, etc.).

Proportion & Detail

  • Discuss what fits the style of the
    existing house.

  • It’s the little things that matter.

Sounding Board

Review Designs

  • Review architectural drawings/renderings.

  • Discuss any areas of potential
    concern with the client.

  • Make sure client really understands what they’re looking as most people have a hard time reading blueprints.

Review Material Specifications

  • Material selection assistance 

  • Specie, grade and dimension
    of materials

Review Contractor Bids

  • Help home owner choose the right contractor for their project.

  • Compare bids

  • Ensure bids match the plans/drawings.

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